Gym Equipment

When it comes to home gym fitness equipment, there are three important factors to consider. They are portability, use, and cost. You must ensure your equipment fits in your home, that you use what you buy, and that you are getting the best out of your money.

The following are essential pieces of fitness equipment for starting a home gym

Hand weights

56tcyghHand weights are great for adding strength training to your overall home fitness routine. These days, hand weights come in a ton of different types, sizes and weights so it is essential to give some thought to the types of movements you plan on doing with them. Typically, you want to purchase dumbbells in pairs and just build up your collection over time as the heavier you go, the more expensive they can get.


Kettlebells have become a very popular fitness product in the last few years. What is great with them is that you can do an almost endless amount of different exercises and routines and you can get an entire body workout with just 1 or 2 kettlebells. They are especially great for home use because they are very portable, easy to store, and fairly inexpensive. You can even pop them in your car if you wanted to get a nice workout in the park! One drawback of kettlebells is that they take a little getting used to if you have never worked out with one before. They do come in a different of sizes and weights as well, and it is easy enough to find some good exercises online to get started.

Medicine ball

A medicine ball is a heavy ball that comes in some different sizes, weights, and materials. They are a good item to consider as they are inexpensive and versatile. Perhaps, more importantly, they can give a good overall body workout, and they can be fun to use as well. What makes the medicine ball great is that there are tons of different moves and drills you can do with a partner, so if you enjoy working out with your girl, guy, child or significant other, it is a great purchase. They are very portable as well so grab your partner and a medicine ball and start getting fit.

Stability balls

r5tfxcgyhStability balls are fantastic for home gym fitness. They are very good for stability exercises (obviously), ab exercises, as a substitute for a weight bench, or any number of other fitness exercises. This is simply one of the most essential and best pieces of fitness equipment you can get. Remember you don’t need all of these products to get started with exercising, but sometimes having some health fitness equipment in your house will get you motivated to take those first steps to getting in shape!